From 16th to 20th September 2020 *** Communiqué de Presse


An experiential bubble around street culture to discover in the heart of La Défense. This place of life dedicated to street culture is open to all and free. You can find a sporting, creative, artistic and gourmet program, full of surprises!

" Urban Week Paris La Défense is the back-to-school street culture festival. From Wednesday 16 to Sunday 22 September 2020, a unique experience around urban expressions in all their forms. Free daily access. Street art, street food, creators, and urban sports shows for 5 days!"

Urban Week

Paris La Defense
From 16th September
to 20th september 2020

Official Website :

23 August 2020 *** NEW ON AIR GAY RADIO

Sandy El Creador De Sueños.

Born in Mare Nostrum, Bred and Raised by two musicians, to whom I owe everything, my Grandparents. Violinist Mayor of Grandfather of Spain and Grandma Simphonica Soprano Mayor of Coral de Mallorca.
Wear Music in the Genes for them. During childhood I was raised with all the classic music of all time, with my grandfather used to play lead orchestras and musicians with a rod Conductor.
6 years since I started listening to Musica Electronica. as Technotronic, No Limits, Ace of Base, Klf, almost all electronics that were in those times was House Vocal people of color.
And at age 10 I was given a Technics Discman Exitos all who had taken up that day Faithless, SUNDAY 8 pm and REVERENCE.
They are my pillars in the world of Electronica with songs like INSOMNIA, SALVE MEA, GOD IS A DJ. With FAITHLESS learned to value in its SENSES LIFE and be a better person at all, and now as a DJ PRODUCER.

Sandy Radio Show

Weekly Show :
Sunday : 19H00 (UK)
Sunday : 2PM (US)
Wednesday : 02H00 (UK)
Tuesday : 8PM (US)

Sandy Radio Show will be exclusive sometimes.

08 Juillet 2020 *** NEW ON AIR GAY RADIO

Future Disco Radio

Established in 2009, the brand has consistently been at the forefront of emerging trends and introducing the world to a host of future stars with its feel-good disco tinged soundtrack.
Exceptional compilation albums that have been created and curated with the love and care you would expect from a label that is first and foremost passionate about breaking talent and delivering quality disco music for a worldwide audience.
The bar was set high when the second volume of the Future Disco series won the iTunes album of the year. Since then, Sean Brosnan, A&R and founder, has mixed and produced over 25 compilations, all telling their own story and snapshot of the dancefloor at that given moment. Alongside the releases have been Future Disco’s own dancefloor moments with roadblocked parties popping up everywhere from Amsterdam to Berlin or Ibiza to New York. The once underground dancefloor and inclusive spirit of London’s Future Disco had today gone worldwide.
Undoubtedly helping push Disco further onto the mainstream’s recent agenda, Future Disco’s success with albums has lead to the creation of the singles labels currently topping DJ charts across the spectrum. Not to mention the weekly global radio show hosted by label associate Carly Foxx. Each week mapping the latest trends and sounds on the disco dancefloor.

Future Disco Radio

Weekly Show :
Wednesday : 13H00 (UK)
Wednesday : 08 AM (US)
Monday : 00H00 (UK)
Sunday : 06 PM (US)

September 1st 2020*** SINCE AUGUST 2019 ON AIR GAY RADIO

DJ Peter Bedard

Peter Bedard has been a DJ for over 25 years and is listened to by people all over the world. He spins the best in Progressive House, Electro Pop and Tribal.
His wide range of knowledge in Dance Music enables him to create an experience unique only to him.
He has years spent on the club scene, this has blessed him with the ability to read a crowd and work the dance floor; educating his followers and club go-er with an eclectic mix of edgy beats interwoven in a familiar sound that everyone can relate to.
Since Covid 19 has affected the Dj Music industry

Mix Session

Weekly Show :
*** CET Time ***
Sunday : 19H00
Sunday : 05H00
Wednesday : 01H00
*** US Time (NYC) ***
Sunday : 1 PM
Sunday : 11PM
Wednesday : 7 PM